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The Bianca Foundation is a nonprofit organization 501(c)3 established in 2008 by Niloofar Khalili in honor of her children, Bianca and Bernard, who lost their beautiful lives at a very young age.


It is my belief, and the belief of my peers, that there are valuable and necessary resources out there that are not being offered by our current education systems. Life skill classes must be mandatory in our children’s curriculum, along with math, science, and English.


  Although as parents, we try to instill good values into our children starting at a young age, it is often not enough in this day and age and we don’t have to walk this path alone; lean on The Bianca Foundation to provide your teens with tools to navigate their challenges.

The mission of The Bianca Foundation is to educate and empower our teens by connecting them with licensed coaches and counselors in the school system who will gain confidence and become successful in all areas of their lives.

 Our youth are suffering from stress, depression, bullying, and emptiness. It becomes overwhelming and sometimes almost impossible for parents to cope. This is where Bianca Foundation comes in; our teens will learn to become positive, well-rounded members of society.

Many youths in the district grow up in single-parent homes, and many children acquiring their social skills from television or their peers. The lack of social skills and self-awareness often manifests itself in disrespect to others and themselves.

 We strive to promote skills to give area youth a sense of pride and accomplishment as they journey on their path to adulthood and reassert a sense of hope in their future.

Bianca Foundation is not just an organization, it is a community that is dedicated to providing valuable and necessary life skills in each and every school system.


Our aim is to make The Bianca Foundation a mandatory life skills class for all school-aged children in the Los Angeles Unified School District, and eventually, in the entire State of California, and throughout all 50 states. Through working with teens in the schools, we have seen first-hand the need for life skills programs.  


The Bianca Foundation does more than just focus on one aspect of an individual’s development.  The organization has created strong programs with a priority on developing a complete individual.  These life skills are critical for every teen as they make their way toward becoming adults and participating in and contributing more to society.

Are teens today getting the skills and knowledge to face their greatest challenges?

The traditional academic setting is filled with opportunities to learn basic academic skills, but how many of our teens yearn for more than just academic achievement. These are the questions that The Bianca Foundation seeks to address through a unique classroom initiative designed to give students the opportunity to vocalize what some of their greatest challenges are. Peer pressure, sexuality, family issues and other problems that every teen invariably faces often remain unaddressed for far too long.


The Life Coaching Program is designed to help students thrive and develop positive life skills. The program consists of methods and concepts delivered by a trained and certified Life Coach.

Life Coaching goes beyond youth mentoring or counseling by helping students understand how best to learn at school, be proactive, and exercise personal leadership. The skills that teens learn in the present have an exponential impact on their future. Learning these skills helps students avoid common pitfalls and can drastically influence the upward trajectory of personal fulfillment and success. Learning how to take sustainable steps towards goals, identifying and changing perspectives, and aligning values with action.

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